Flos Arco Lamp – A Stunning Accent to Any Room

For those that are looking to really elevate the sophistication, modern feel, and overall design aesthetic of any interior space, the Flos Arco lamp is a picture perfect investment and maybe the only elite level lighting fixture that you need to take a space to the next level.
One of those fantastically iconic designs produced in the “Golden Age of Modern Design”, this lighting fixture has to rank right up there with the Eames lounge chair and a handful of others as far as the most recognizable modern design pieces of furniture or lighting fixtures are concerned.

flos arco lampThe moment that you lay eyes on this lighting fixture is the moment that you are hooked for good. There’s just something about the shocking minimalist approach, the stunning use of construction materials and industrial design, and the highly functional usage that you’ll be able to get out of this light fixture that combined to create something that few have been able to come close to Amy lighting fixture universe.

We are talking about an absolute iconic design here, the kind of design that can instantly add that extra “punch” to a space that you never would have been able to enjoy otherwise. It’s not often that you can have a lighting fixture quickly become the dominant focal point or real “killer feature” in a space without dominating an entire area, but you’ll be able to enjoy that kind of amazing result the moment that you put this lamp into your home.

What Exactly is the Flos Arco Lamp?

arco lamp at meeting tableUnique design crafted and created by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni (two brothers widely regarded as some of the very best modern design Masters human history has ever seen), this specific lighting fixture has been around for decades and decades – and has never – NEVER – gotten stale.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Each and every single year, this lighting fixture becomes more and more popular. Some conservative estimates have projected that there are about 1 million or more knockoff lighting fixtures and counterfeit lighting fixtures basically stealing this design out there on the market today, ridiculous number considering just how many other types of lighting fixtures are also available as well.

Consisting of three main “pieces”, this lamp is unique in its minimalist approach. You have a legitimate marble base that houses the electronic “guts” of the peace as well as acts as a counterbalance to the aluminum arm that reaches out more than 6 feet to hold the stainless steel lighting fixture in place – creating a highly effective and amazingly attractive lighting fixture that is unlike anything else on the planet.

This iconic lamp is available in two versions.  The classic version much like the one in the Museum of Modern Art in New York is the 100 Watt 120 Volt A21 Half-Chrome lamp bulb.  The half-chrome bulb prevents you from staring at the glare of the light when looking the the lamp head.  The “updated” version uses the LED bulb, an 18 Watt 120 Volt Multichip LED, to create warm and bright light.

Here’s How to Install Your Arco Lamp

While the video below is in French, it shows you how the package arrives at your doorstep and what is involved in putting this lighting fixture up. It is recommended that a minimum of two people perform this task as this is to prevent the arched metal piece from getting bent out of shape while installing. The whole process of setting it up is really simple as you can see.

Should You Be Interested in Purchasing the Flos Arco Lamp?

flos arco lamp in living roomThere are any different reasons that you may be considering investing in this specific lighting fixture, especially if you are someone that truly understands and appreciates the impact that your living space has on your overall lifestyle, personality, and mood.
If you, like many others around the globe, are looking to make sure that your home is so much more than just the place you lie your head down to sleep at night, then you’re going to want to try and elevate the design aesthetic of all your interior spaces to the best of your ability.

That’s exactly what this specific lighting fixture is going to do – without you having to change absolutely anything else. This is the kind of instant focal point that you can and to any space (and we mean any space), all while still enjoying the transformative impact it brings to the table.

What Kind of Drawbacks Does the Design of the Flos Arco Lamp Bring to the Table?

It’s difficult to enunciate any real negatives or drawbacks as far as this lighting fixture is concerned, specifically because it has already reached iconic status. There is a real reason why so many people have purchased this lighting fixture over the last few decades, why it’s been popular and in short supply ever since the very first one rolled off of the assembly line.

If there is any drawback to this lighting fixture, it would have to be the relatively small amount of light it throws from its lighting fixture – as well as its nearly $3000 price tag. But, if you appreciate high design and are looking for a piece to really set your home apart from all others, this is the kind of purchase you’ll want to make.

Where Should You Purchase the Flos Arco Lamp?

arco floor lamp headThough there are many number of different places you can go to invest in this lighting fixture, you’ll want to make sure that you purchase it directly from an authorized retailer to make sure that you are getting a legitimate lighting fixture and not one of the many cheap counterfeits and knockoffs that are produced on a regular basis.

How Do You Know Whether the Flos Arco Lamp is Right for You?

Understanding whether or not this lighting fixture in lamp is right for you is simple and straightforward.

All you have to do is look at some of the room settings in pictures where the Arco floor lamp is placed and see if you feel the exact same kind of emotional connection to the piece that summarizes what others have felt over the last few decades.

Once you set eyes on this lamp, it’s difficult to imagine any other in your interior space. Don’t be surprised if you purchase it right on the spot!

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