Amazing Magic Illusion Side Table

What’s the hottest new thing in interior décor? It’s a stunning product called the Illusion side table.

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

The Illusion Side Table is a stunning work of art. It’s like magic. When I first saw it, I kept looking underneath to see what was holding it up. Nothing!

grand illusion

The Illusion, manufactured by Essey, is created with molded acrylic that looks like an elegantly draped tablecloth–only there’s no table!

The Illusion is help up by bending tips of the tablecloth under to make barely noticeable little feet. It is really a marvel of ground-breaking design work. It’s like a sculpture you might expect to see in a Museum of Modern Art!

The Company says, “Illusion is a timeless statement of beauty, simplicity, and functionality.”

A Whole New Evolution In Design

The Illusion Side Table is perfect for any contemporary design scheme. Its simple, elegant design works in any room. It’s lightweight and portable. It can used in the home, office, or gallery. It will make a show-stopping statement wherever you use it.

It’s Clearly Unique

Created by Award-winning designer John Brauer, Illusion is exquisitely molded of high-quality acrylic in an array of striking colors to meet your décor needs.

From the optical illusion of clear to the translucence of Ice, the design possibilities are endless.  Their design goes with just about any piece of furniture in a house.

Every great product or work of art has a story behind it. The Illusion Side table came to be one day when John, Essey’s founder and designer, was walking down a street in Copenhagen, and was struck by the beauty of the elegantly draped tablecloths at a side walk café. He snapped a photo, and after much searching found a workshop that could translate his vision into a functional work of art. The Illusion Side Table was born.

The Philosophy of Symbolic Functionalism

Essey is as much about the philosophy as the design. Symbolic functionalism is Essey’s design philosophy. It’s about giving an object a soul and a voice, letting it speak for itself. The Illusion Side Table certainly does that.

John states, “Saying that we are in the design industry would be too much of an oversimplification–we are in the market for experiences”.

It’s Beautiful But Will It Work for You?

illusion side tableAt 17.4 inches high and 16 inches in diameter, the Illusion side table is fairly small.  For the bigger version of this table, consider the Grand Illusion table which is 20 inches high and 17.3 inches in diameter.  The Illusion table is available in translucent or white while the Grand Illusion is available in clear and ice white.

The Illusion side table is a useful conversation piece that you can set a coffee or a book on. It’s more a novelty than a serious piece of furniture. While the acrylic is integral to the “illusion”, it is a plastic and therefore prone to scratching or breakage. You’ll want to be careful about setting hot drinks or ash trays on it. Scratch proof coasters would be a good idea.

Also, if you get the Illusion in Clear, make sure you place it where nobody will trip over it, because it truly is transparent. Avoid using in high traffic areas. It might not work well with rambunctious toddlers or bouncy dogs.

One furniture website’s customer’s ranked it a 4.1, giving it four out of five stars. Facebook comments were enthusiastic: “Amazing!”, “Awesome”, “Beautiful” and “I want it!

Retailing at around $290-$350, it isn’t cheap. And the online retailers I visited only had 2 or 3 in stock. There are also a lot of knock-offs. Ironically, one of the knock-offs was retailing for a whopping $1100! Another said, “Prices may change hourly”. And it’s definitely not heirloom furniture. But if your looking for innovative design, something new and thought-provoking, and a guaranteed conversation piece, then the original Illusion Side Table would be perfect for you.

Stunningly Unique Neo-Futuristic Design

Not only is the Illusion Side Table a work of art, but you can enhance the effect even further by creative use of lighting. One retailer suggested lighting the Illusion Ice-a frosty translucent–from underneath with a clip-light. Colored lights could create an endless array of fabulous effects. This would be a real hit at parties. You could also create some unique mood lighting.

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Design and a Real Conversation Piece

clear illusion tableIf you’re looking for something new, the innovative cutting edge design work of Illusion is for you. It’s a fabulous complement to a wide range of décor, and a guaranteed drop-dead conversation piece.

The original Illusion and Grand Illusion tables are handmade in a workshop in Germany, guaranteeing high quality and perfection. But like a work of art, no two are ever 100% alike.

You can feel you own a genuine work of functional art with the Essey Illusion Side Table.

Where Can You Get An Original?

Essey Illusion tables are available through a variety of retail stores and are best purchased from authorized online retailers.  Below you’ll find our recommended online store that stocks not just the Illusion Table but thousands of designer furniture you may also want to check out.

>> Click Here for the Illusion Side Table <<

>> Click Here for the Grand Illusion Table <<


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