Kartell Spoon Chair – Comfort and Elegance Rolled Into One

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate in elegance – as well as utility – when searching for your next office chair, then you need to look no further than the Kartell Spoon chair.

One of the most visually stunning chairs you’ll ever come across available on the market today, as well as a one of the most comfortable over long periods of time, it should come as no surprise that this Kartell chair owns a revered place in furniture history.

kartell spoon chair multipleWith simple lines and one of the most inviting design aesthetics ever to be associated with the task chair industry, this is the kind of piece that defines an entire space the moment that it is wheeled into an office or room. You may even begin to wish that you had brought your Kartell Spoon chair into other areas that you find yourself sitting in – or even contemplating ordering a fleet of them to outfit your entire office or home. Stranger things have happened.

Designed and developed to be the ultimate in comfort and long term usability, the Kartell Spoon is a performance chair that helps you elevate your working time

If you’ve ever sat in a task chair that seems like it has been created to get you up and out of your seat every 30 minutes or so, then you know exactly what the industry has been struggling with for years and years. While there are a number of unique seating pieces that have found their way into the other rooms of the home, the one that we spend an overwhelming majority of time in – the office – just hasn’t been attended to as it should.

That all changed the moment that the Kartell Spoon chair was rolled out.kartell spoon chair

Created to be a serious office chair that was amazingly comfortable even over long periods of time, this is the kind of piece that is not only amazingly attractive but wildly functional. The upholstered polyurethane cushion draws you in in an inviting and even exciting way, and the way that the simple yet small a wraparound body hugs and contours to your own body is absolutely out of this world. There is a very real reason that this specific chair won the 2007 Good Design Award – but more importantly is one of the hottest items purchased year in and year out for those who are very serious about their work.

Of course, it would be impossible to speak about the Kartell Spoon chair and not mention its world-class design.  At first glance, you’re going to be pulled into the unique design aesthetic that this specific office chair brings to the table – and not really completely understanding exactly how it’s all supposed to come together. In a world that is completely overloaded and overwhelmed with “ergonomic” office chairs and task chairs that seem to be modeled after the helm on the USS Enterprise, this simplistic and somewhat small looking chair just doesn’t seem like it’s going to be able to live up to its lofty reputation.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A conversation starter with every single person that enters your office – even if they have been to that space and seeing the Kartell Spoon chair on a regular basis – this is the kind of high level design that is so difficult to find indie modern furniture world.

While it may not be quite as iconic as the Eames chairs (though it, honestly, it hasn’t had the same amount of time out on the market to gain that sort of reputation – and it wouldn’t surprise many if one day it was held up with the same high regard), it’s certainly going to set off each and every space it finds itself placed in.

Crafted in Italy by master furniture craftsman and created to the strictest quality standards, this is the kind of chair that you’re going to be enjoying for decades.  When we think of heirloom furniture, we probably don’t assume that our office chair is going to be able to lead a long life after we have had our fill of using it.

Luckily, this is exactly the kind of future that the Kartell Spoon chair has been designed for – allowing you to pass down your treasured work horse to future generations so that they may enjoy this masterpiece as well. While we are used to expensive office chairs that wear out almost right out of the box, the Kartell Spoon office chair has been specifically crafted to last for years and years, becoming a part of your office and business in ways that other chairs simply cannot.

Included Features: Made of smooth batch-dyed polypropylene. Height regulating handle inside the seat.
Color: Aluminum, Black, Orange, Red, or White.

Final Verdict

While the price may seem a little bit prohibitive to some, once you look at the comfort it offers and the value – especially the long-term value – of this office chair it becomes an almost bargain based purchase. You’re going to fall in love with the Kartell Spoon the moment that you invest in it just as so many hundreds of people have all over the world already, becoming part of a tight-knit community that understands how important form and function really are going you are in your office space.

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